Coffee Press
A rich cup of drip coffee, anytime, anywhere.

At home or in the office, you can easily enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Nothing beats the taste and aroma from a freshly brewed coffee. Not only can you enjoy a good cup at home but also in the office! Coffee Press lets you enjoy a good cup of drip coffee using your favourite ground beans anytime, anywhere!

Enjoy the richness of your coffee until the last drop.

1>Remove the top part of the press and pour in the ground coffee.

2>Soak the coffee in a cup of hot water for about 4 minutes.

3>Press the remaining coffee for the remaining concentration.

mds size

Coffee Press

mds size


mds size

Product size : W39 x H165 x D39mm
Package size : W42 x H187 x W42mm
Product weight: 37.5g
Total weight : 70g

mds variation

Blend, Milk

mds mtral

Pigment: Polyethylene 
Calcium carbonate: liquid paraffin, paraffin wax

mds spec

Polypropylene / Silicon / Stainless

mds price

RM 50.00 (Discontinued)