Draw, colour, or trace! These stone crayons will enhance creativity!
A mysterious shape from all angles. Have fun with iciColor!

IciColor lets you play and colour with any angle. In addition, if you place the paper on top of any texture such as leaves, wood or sellotapes, you can enjoy tracing out unexpected shapes and effects allowing one to heighten their imagination. The form changes after each use, thus it can also be piled up like dominos or stack of stones. The use and method of playing will match the growth of a child.

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Draw, colour, or trace!
These stone crayons will enhance creativity!

IciColor (Stone colour) is a familiar shape of nature for children. It allows freedom to draw, colour or simply enjoying rubbing and tracing over textured surfaces. The form continues to change while it is being used. It's a fun way to play and colour!

iciColor is made of a safe material hence it is non-toxic.
It is easy to hold even for small hands.
It's not easy to break even with a bit of force.
It will not stain clothes easily, and even if it did, it can be washed off with ease.
It can be stacked up like a stone sculpture.
Putting them back into the case will allow children to practise tidying up.


IciColor is rounded and becomes smaller as the children's hands grow bigger.

Stones roll in the river banks over time, reducing the sharp edges to form a rounded shape.
The child's hand is like the river water. Each time the crayon is used, the edges become rounder and the shapes change.
You can draw, colour or trace objects.
Like a piece of stone from the roadside, nature becomes your canvas therefore you can enjoy colouring freely and naturally. The only kind in the world.

Create a variety of lines and patters by colouring in different orientations. Have fun overlapping the colours!


Use coins and leaves as a base of the paper to rub and trace out shapes and patterns!

Discover new patterns by sticking sellotapes on surfaces and tracing over them!

The touch feels good in the hands. It fits the hands steadily as you write. Pile it up, group them or display it. It's fun no matter how you use it!

Ishiga Naoyuki, Associate Professor at Tokyo University of Art and Design

Constructs theories and research through various activities. In recent years, he has studied the relationship between the mind and body, and communication through figurative play and rhythm. These activities enhance the growth and thinking of the students from a very young age.


The theory of Oekaki

Naturally, children love to draw pictures. When they notice something in drawing, they will start to talk about it and want to tell someone who is near. Children including adults will learn easily when it is fun, especially pictural aid.

“Drawings your favourite things with joy” was the aim behind the development of iciColor crayons. It was designed to be easily gripped and draw for the children while they spend time in the nursery schools. This helped to nurture unprecedented characteristics of the children.

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mds size


mds size

Packaging size : W143 x D143 x H25mm
Product size: W145 x D145 x H27mm
Weight (per piece) :15~20g
Total Weight : 155g

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Polyethylene, pigment, calcium carbonate, paraffin, paraffin wax
* To US safety standards we are getting the AP mark that have passed.

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Made in Japan

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