Pencil Crayon

Pencil crayons with tips at just 2 mm thickness. Pen tip so fine, draw fine lines and details with ease.

Comes in 12 assorted colours.


Pencil Crayon ranges from basic colors to fluorescent and pastel tones to cover a wide range of expression. To extend or shorten the crayon, simply turn the cap at the base of the Pencil Crayon.

PC phot04

PC phot03

Includes 3 new flourescent colours.

PC pho5

Just twist the base to lengthen or shorten the crayon. 

PC phot01 PC phot02
PC phot06

The length of the crayon core is about 13.7cm.

Basic colours: Peach, red, purple, black, Brown, Sky Blue, Blue, Lime Green, Green

Fluorescent colours: Yellow, pink, orange

PC phot pkg

mds size

Pencil Crayon

mds size


mds size

Packaging size : W110 x H210 x D12mm
Product size: ø9 x H163mm
Weight (per piece) : 6.5g
Total Weight : 98g

 mds mtral

(Body) Polypropylene
(Crayon) Pigment, Wax, Glue component

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

(RM 70.00) -40% RM 42.00