Tree Hook

A fun and efficient way to hang bags and such!


Hang up to 12 bags, hats and other accessories.

Hang Tree Hook to the poles of a closet and it will become a hanger that can hold 12 things that are usual hard to store or takes put too much space. Hanging scarves and bags would usually occupy a lot of closet space from the hanger but Tree Hook utilizes vertical space. It is also easy to look for stored items at first sight. Comes in 4 different colours to match your interior.

Rotates 360 degrees and is easy to adjust.

The orientation of the hooks are adjustable 360 degrees. Just pull up the clip ring, adjust and push it back in to secure the position.

mds size

Tree Hook

mds size


mds size

Packaging size : W8.6 x H125 x D8.6cm
Product size : N/A
Product Weight : 131g
Total Weight : N/A

 mds mtral

Polypropylene / ABS resin / Stainless

mds spec

Made in China

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(RM 82.00) -30% RM 57.40