Wings Plane Alpha

An origami-like airplane that is simple, flies well and goes crazy!

Simple and high performance.
A fusion of nostalgic shape yet aerodynamic.

A colourful and aerodynamic design by world renowned paper plane designer and engineer, Ninomiya Yasuaki. Hence the Wings Plane is simple yet high-performance machinery that can fly more than 30 seconds and hundred of meters.

Designer: Yasuaki Ninomiya

Yasuaki Ninomiya is globally known for more than 2,500 paper plane designs since the 70s. In 1967, he won first place in the Grand Prix for flight distance in the International Paper Plane Convention, San Francisco. In 2001, he was highly commended for his paper plane designs by the Federation of Aeronoutic International (FAI). He's now an professor in engineering, a pilot and the president of Nippon Paper Airplane Association.

mds size

Wing Plane Alpha

mds size


mds size

Package size : W151 x H175 x D55mm
Product size : W200 x H280 x D100mm
Product weight : 4.15g
Total Weight : 30g


Red [19]

mds mtral

Polystyrene, paper, rubber weight, rubber sponge, double-sided tape (PET), rubber bands

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Made in Japan

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(RM 34.00) -50% RM 17.00