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cooking pot

A new design which permits vapors to escape through the lid. The ellipse shape makes it a beautiful aluminium cooking pot.

A light weight aluminium cooking pot beautifully shaped in an ellipse form. By changing the orientation of the lid, the vapors escape through the gap on the sides and can be easily closed by simple rotating the lid. The pot can be used on a stove or induction cooker. Due to the ellipse and compact shape, handling is easy. With four colors to choose form, the cook presents a fun meal to be served on a table.

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The closed lid while cooking.

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Semi-rotating the ellipse lid releases steam through the gaps.

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Makes a fun meal when served on the table.

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It is easy to hold and pour hot water due to its ellipse shape.

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Cooks even in IH cooker.

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Product Description

A beautiful cooking pot with a unique ellipse form made of aluminum. By rotating the direction of the closed lid, the steam can be released through the gaps. It can also be used with an Induction Heating cooker. The pot is comfortable to hold on both hands and easy to pour our hot water using its ellipse shape. With four colors to choose from makes every meal enjoyable at the table.

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mds size


mds size


mds size

Product size : W287×D263mm×H145mm
Packaging size : W290×D285×H115mm
Product weight : 1774g
Total weight : 2200g
Capacity : 3000ml

mds variation

Orange, Lime green, Aqua blue, Black

mds mtral

Lid / Body : Aluminium
Inside : Fluorine Resin
Knob : Phenolic Resin & Silicone
Screws : 18-8 Stainless Steel

mds spec

Made in China

mds price

(RM 620.00) -50% RM 310.00