I AM Bow Tie
Add-on Leather Strap

You can acquire additional leather straps to mix and match with your existing bow tie(s) for a different look.

*each strap sold separately.

mds size

I AM Bow Tie
Add-on Leather Strap

mds size

Crazy Black JH-0017-01
Timber Brown JH-017-02
Whisky Brown JH-017-03

mds size

Product size : W75 x D10 x H20mm
Package size : W50x L15 x H80mm
Product weight : 8g
Total weight : 12g

mds variation

Whisky Brown, Crazy Black, Timber Brown

mds mtral

Cow hyde

mds spec

Imported leather

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mds dpro

Mike Saw

Designer Comment : 

I've always wanted to create all sorts of things that are design centric, not just interior objects but also fashion related. Working together with local and overseas craftsmen has given me more opportunities to explore creative designs utilizing different techniques and materials. One has to look outside the box!