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Nip Dish Rack

A compact dish rack that fits snugly at the corner of the kitchen. It's so easy to use.

The design is simple yet beautiful making everyday enjoyable while using it. It also gives a sense of translucency to the kitchen.

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You can set it to your desired position, customized to match the shape, size and amount of your dishes.

nip how

1) Plug in the end of the stand to the side groove of the tray.
2) After inserting one side as shown in the figure,
     insert the other end.
3) Please make sure that it is fixed with care
     and connected securely.

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Space is critical to a successful functional kitchen. Nip is designed to fulfill such a need. To wash it, just remove all the stands and rinse away.
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mds size

Nip Dish Rack

mds size


mds size

Product size: (Assembled)
Package size:W200×D39×H40mm
Product Weight:340g
Total weight:345g

mds variation

Blue, Green

mds mtral

Tray: Polypropylene
Stand: ABS resin

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 98.00 (Sold Out)