A stool cum storage: use it in any way to suit your daily life.

It is a bucket stool that combines the functions of a chair and storage.
You can place it in different rooms for different purposes.



You can use it as a kitchen counter stool. Store accessories or food products with it.

It appears stylish even when used in the living area.

A convenient storage + stool at the entrance.

You can leave your shoes or slippers in the stool and comfortably
sit on it as you wear your shoes.


Great as a laundry bucket.


Use as a stool in the powder room. Store towels neatly inside.

Use it to organize or separate items using different colors.

There are 5 available colors of the stool covers. A great way to
organize and remember where your things are stored.


The lid can sit on the edge of the stool when opened.


Toys are always scattered all over. The bucket stool works as a great medium to help kids organize their things.


Handling Precautions

- Please sit within the center of the stool. Sitting by the edges may be unstable, resulting in injury.

- Do not tilt the stool while seated as it may slide and cause damage or injury.

- Please do not stand on the stool or for other purposes besides its intended usage.

- Do not put it near open fire.

- Avoid leaving detergents or acidic agents directly in contact with the stool.

- Do not scrub the surface of the stool as it may remove the original coating.

- Do not store boiling water.

- Load capacity up to 100kg.

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mds size

RETTO Bucket stool

mds size


mds size

Product size:W319×D319×H456mm

mds variation

White x Green, White x Beige, White x White,
White x Pink, White x Brown

mds mtral


mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

(RM 205.00) -50% RM 102.50