RETTO Toilet Brush

A simple design that hides in the corner.

Some things are best kept hidden, especially a toilet brush that doesn't really add to any decoration of a space. RETTO Toilet brush, camouflages itself when placed in a corner of the toilet, keep the space neat and tidy.

The shape of the brush enables cleaning of dirt from every
corner of the toilet bowl.

The elasticity and hardness of the waved hair captures dirty well
from small places that are usually hard to come off. The handle is
designed for easy grasp and yet, hard to slip.



Wave-like hair (Enlarged view)


The brush is designed to wash off every corner of the toilet bowl with ease.

Easy to use, functional and hygienic.

A accent of the design is on the hollow surface at the corner,
allowing you to lift the case easily. A removable base tray keeps
the brush from contact with the case, keeping it clean all the time
and is easily washable.


Lift up the case with ease using the hollow of the top surface.



Simple and sophisticated colors.

You can choose the colors that match your style.

White model comes with both white brush and cash. Other variations
come with a black brush.

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mds size

RETTO Toilet Brush

mds size


mds size


mds variation

White, Black only

mds mtral

ABS resin, polypropylene, polyester

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

(RM 133.00) -10% RM 119.70