Design Tray

Making Teatime and Party Time Beautiful.

Design Tray - A simple plate/tray with a sense of luxury and delicacy that will match other modern tableware and cutlery.

Tritan is a safe material that has passed food safety inspections. It has crystal clear transparency that makes food look beautiful, with superior durability and shatter-resistance. One of its other characteristics is that it's dishwasher safe, making it easy to keep clean and hygienic.

L size can be used as a tray or party plates.

S size can be used as a desserts or sweets dish.

It is see-through, yet has a shining pattern with a metal texture that is reflective of light.

There are 3 designs: Circle, Line and Leaf. NCVM In-mold Decoration makes it possible to seal the designs on the inner surface of transparent resin, protecting the decoration and making it hygienic. This creates deep colors and beautiful metallic luster.

mds size

OrnamentDesign Tray

mds size


mds size

S size
Product size : Φ160×H13mm
Packaging size : W165mm x H165mm
Product weight : 110g
Total weight :

L size
Product size : Φ270×H14mm
Packaging size : W275mm x H275mm
Product weight: 360g
Total weight :

mds variation


mds mtral

Tritan Polyester Resin

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

S size : (RM 132.00) RM 66.00
L size: (RM 260.00) RM 130.00