Chopstick Rest "8"- Set of 5
(RM 310.00) RM 186.00

“8” is considered to be the symbol of infinity in Japan. Please use it as a chopstick rest, a cutlery rest, a card holder, etc.

Kago - Square - L
RM 730.00
A flexible tin ware that will turn into any shape you bend such as a basket or a beautiful decoration.
Kuzushi - Yugami - L
(RM 330.00) RM 198.00

Enjoy it as a tableware as well as tray for accesories, and small articles.

Kuzushi - Yure - S
(RM 235.00) RM 141.00
A round based tin cup that won't topple over.
Sake Cup - Kiki - II
(RM 175.00) RM 105.00

A tin cup that removes excessive bitterness from sake and produces better taste.

Sake / Sauce Pitcher - S&L
(RM 279.00 / RM 430.00)
RM167.40 - RM 258.00
A sake or sauce pitcher in a unique shape.
(RM 105.00) RM 63.00
A mini saucer made of tin with a unique texture.
Square Plate - L
RM 460.00
Aflexible tin plate for an elegant display of fine dining, especially chilled dishes.
Wind Bell - Onion
RM 310.00
A beautiful WInd Bell with onion shape, made of brass.
Wind Bell - Slim
RM 310.00
A beautiful Wind Bell with slim shape, made of brass.
Wind Bell - Horn
RM 310.00
A beautiful WInd Bell with horn shape, made of brass.