RM 23.00
Hold is a useful holder for dish sponge and other kitchen items neatly.
RM 28.00
Clip is useful for keeping kitchen cloths and rubber gloves etc with one hand.
Tree Hook
RM 32.00
A cloth which you can use in two ways as a place m at and wiping cloth.
Wine Fresh
RM 185.00
A broom and dustpan set of good quality and design that will satisfy your fashion-conscious mind and make cleaning more enjoyable.
Wing Plane Alpha
Magnet Keyper
RM 96.00
A key keeper that holds keys using a magnet. You can use it by the entrance or refrigerator.
Kitchen Pad
(RM 260.00) RM 182.00
A soft mat which reduces fatigue caused by standing up while working.
(RM 95.00) RM 66.50
Easily remove water drops from your bathroom wall and mirror.
PlaTawa for Toilet
RM 58.00
A simple and compact toilet brush that bends and fits well to any curved surface of a toilet bowl.
Wing Plane Alpha
Border Sponge
RM 20.00
A dishwashing sponge that removes dirt efficiently and dries quick.
PlaTawa for Kitchen Plus
(RM 21.00) RM 16.80
A uniquely shaped multi-purpose brush, convenient for use in the kitchen.
PlaTawa for Bath
RM 31.00
A brush for your bathroom floor that is best for cleaning indented surface of the floor.
(RM 95.00) RM 57.00
A compact, convenient desktop brush and dustpan set that fits snug in the nook of your table or desk.
Wing Plane Alpha
Shiba Rug
RM 90.00
Attachable artificial turf with chic colors. 4 piece pack.
(RM 150.00) RM 75.00
A slim and convenient broom and dustpan set that's compact and blends well with the interior.
Kop Handy Mop
(RM 135.00) RM 94.50
A hand duster with a cup-shaped holder that can be used repeatedly after washing.
RM 290.00(Sold Out)
A stylish floor mop made of natural wood and stainless steel.
Wing Plane Alpha
Simple Stand
RM 119.00(Sold Out)
A specially designed stand made for the Floorwipe, standing it without having to lean on the wall.