Animal Voice Memo
paperable × Ko. Machiyama / illustrator

“Good morning” or “How are you?”.
There are many kinds of ways and voices to express your feelings that day. Could it be the chirping of a parakeet or a wailing of a hippo?

What animal would you like to be today?


mds size

Animal Voice Memo

mds size

Parakeet & Squirrel
Product size : W75 x H50 x D9mm
Packaging size : W80 x H55 x D10mm
Total weight :

Cat & Dog
Product size : W95 x H65 x D9mm
Packaging size : W97 x H65 x D10mm
Total weight :

Tiger & Hippo
Product size : W120 x H80 x D9mm
Packaging size : W125 x H85 x D10mm
Total weight : 60g

mds variation

Parakeet, Squirrel, Cat, Dog, Tiger, Hippo

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mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

Parakeet & Squirrel : (RM 23.00) RM 11.50
Cat & Dog : (RM 26.00) RM 13.00
Tiger & Hippo : (RM 26.00) RM 13.00