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Adorable dinosaur-shaped silicone rubber bands are now available!

No matter how many times you use these mysterious rubber bands, they will retain their original shape.

"we want a larger size to be used for lunch boxes"

This is a rubber band in the shape of a dinosaur that came about as a response to a demand. Use the large "Brachiosaurus" or "Tyrannosaurus" rubber bands to tie up little books, documents or a lunch box. The dinosaurs snap back into shape as soon as you remove it. Makes your everyday fun!

The 7 in 1 gift pack is the perfect size to be mailed as a card or given as a present to a friend.

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Also available in the gift box form.  7 DINOs in one gift box.


Size : Approx.70 × 38 mm


Size : Approx.55 × 30 mm


Size : Approx.140 × 60 mm


Size : Approx.90 × 50 mm


Size : Approx.70 × 45 mm


Size : Approx.45 × 35 mm


Size : Approx.60 × 35 mm

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Animal Rubberband - Dino

mds size


mds size

7 pcs Flat pack 
Product size : W45~140×H30~60mm
Package size : W238×H106mm
Total weight (including packaging) : 30g

Gift Box (7 pcs)
Product size : W31~50×H27~50mm
Package size : W85×D68×H27mm
Total weight (including packaging) : 39g

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Zoo, Pet, Dino, Farm

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Made in Japan

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Flat Pack (RM 15.00) -40% RM 9.00
Gift Box (RM 23.00) -40% RM 13.80


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zoopet pho designer

Masanori Haneda & Yumiko Ohashi 

Designer Profile:

Established the designing group "Passkey Design" in 1994. Our products are designed in hopes of providing people with products that they can grow fond of, and use for a prolonged period of time. We conduct observational studies on how and where our products will be used, while examining "knowledge" and "understanding" from a marketing perspective. Through these efforts, we continuously rediscover the significance of design. 

 Designer Comment : 

The animal rubber band was created in hopes of providing a product that people could grow fond of, and use for a prolonged period of time. The theme for the third installment of this creative product is dinosaurs. By designing a variety of sizes, we have provided you with a selection of rubber bands from which you can pick and choose depending on the situation.  The largest size can be used to bind large objects such as lunch boxes and books. Send the rubber bands to your friends by sticking a stamp on the back and writing on the blank space that we have provided. In addition, the bones of all of the dinosaurs are featured on the board. When you aren’t using the rubber bands, you can stick them on the board to create your very own dinosaur display.