This is a bird-shaped earpick. You can store it vertically, which helps keep it hygienic while also giving it a unique look, like a nifty decoration. You'll see how good it feels when you use it. Let this little birdie take care of your ears for you. He might even chirp a secret message...




- Caution -

Wash the body before attempting to use, please dry well before use.
Please do not use disinfection chemicals such as alcohol, as they are highly volatile.
Do not bend it forcibly as it might break.
Please keep out of reach of children.
Please do not expose it to direct sunlight for long periods of time.
Please do not use bleach .
Please do not use abrasive or scrubbing brush because it may cause scratches.    
Please do not use in applications other than earpiece.
Please discontinue use as soon as you feel discomfort during use .
Please check for any obvious damage before use.  

- How to care -  

Wipe with a sponge or soft cloth with diluted neutral detergent.
Wash with water if dirty.


mds size

Birdie Earpick

mds size


mds size

Product size : W11×D19×H125.3mm
Package size : W12.5×D22×H132mm
Product weight : 5g
Total weight (including packaging) : 10g

mds variation

Black, Blue, Orange, White

mds mtral

Styrene Butadiene

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 32.00


mds dpro

Birdie-phot designer

Noriko Hashida

Designer Comment : 

There are many personal care items out there, but strangely there aren’t very many that you can feel any sort of attachment for. Earpicks are generally kept in a medicine chest, but actually, a lot of people end up keeping them somewhere like their living room. This product is for those kinds of people?people who want a design that’s attractive enough to have out on display. I clean my ears quite often on a whim, usually when I feel like I need to refresh myself, so I thought it would be nice to create something with a more attractive design.