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Pencil Copter

Daily grind got you down? So stressed out that you feel like hurling your pen at something? Why not launch a pen or pencil into the skies, taking your stress with it?

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The direction and position of the propeller's axis affects how and
which way it flies. Feel free to experiment with it.

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Increase air time with an extra propeller.

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Besides the supplied pencil, you can also install it on other surrounding objects. Give it a try! You might be surprised!

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The propeller is made of a soft material. (For safety, please do not launch it in a crowded place or towards other people.)

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Includes 1 pencil.

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- Notes for use -

- Please be aware of your surrounding when you launch Byuun.
- Ensure that it does not hit other people around you.
- Please play within a large space.
- Parents should assist young children.
- Keep away from reach small children.
- Please do not leave in a long time under direct sunlight.

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mds size


mds size


mds size

Product size : W180×D17×H8.5mm
Package size : W215×D53×H15mm
Product weight : 14g
Total weight (including packaging) :25g

mds variation

Bright Blue, Bright Green, Bright Yellow, Bright Orange, Bright Pink

mds mtral

Polyethylene, pencil

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 23.00


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phot designer

Ilmo Ahn

Designer Comment : 

One day I happened to catch a sight of a propeller, and it reminded me how I used to love playing with taketonbo toys as a child. Those fond memories of how much fun these bamboo "helicopters" could be inspired me to create this. I hope my Byuun helps you create lots of memories of your own, relive your childhood, and just have fun. Zoooom!