Furoshiki Bag 2 Hand (M size)
A perfect size for use as a reusable shopping bag. Hooks comfortably on your arm. 

Folds up into a compact packge, easy to carry about and use as you wish. 

Furoshiki2-Hand-phot poket


Includes a convenient pocket to store your loose items.


A knot is tied in the middle to hold the items in place.


Magnetic buttons snap together to close the furoshiki.

Furoshiki2-Hand-phot how Furoshiki2-Hand-phot cl l
Folding method    

- Usage Notes -

Magnet could be affected by the magnetic force of electronic items. Please do not bring in close contact to (magnetic card, mobile phone, watch, etc.).

Please Do not leave wet for extended periods of time to avoid rusting.

Keep magnets away from extremely high heat.

- How to care -

Dry cleaning is recommended.

Dab lightly with soft spunge to remove dirt and grime.

When ironing the furoshiki, keep iron on low heat and try to avoid the magnet area. 


mds size

Furoshiki Bag 2 - Hand/M

mds size


mds size

Product size : W800×D800mm 
Package size : W150×D40×H165mm 
Product Weight: 102g 
Total weight (with packaging): 112g

mds variation

Black x Gray, Khaki x Dark Brown, Light Blue x Beige, Light Gray x Bronze, Orange x Grey

mds mtral

Polyester / Magnet

mds spec

Made in China

mds price

Lunch S (RM 65.00) -20% RM 52.00
Hand M (RM 105.00) -20% RM 84.00
Shoulder L(RM 130.00) -20% RM 104.00


mds dpro

phot designer

金山 千恵/Chie Kanayama 

Designer Profile

Kanazawa was born in 1972
Osaka University of Arts Degree in 1995
2001 Kuwasawa Design graduate
2004 (share) genta design establishment

I aim to design products for the comfort of people with fun and hope in mind. Something that will last for a long time. genta design is active mainly furniture, household equipment and miscellaneous goods such as product design.

Designer Comment

There is a reason traditional tools have been continued to be utilized throughout the ages. Quality. Furoshiki Bag 2 has inherited the quality of the furoshiki and redesigned for modern use. Try out this piece of traditional Japanese ingenuity in your day-to-day life!