Card Holder

The rounded portion of the cover lets your finger easily catch on, allowing for easy opening/closing with just one hand. Holds up to 40 business cards.

Plus, you can see right through to the contents of the case – allowing you to check if you are running low on cards. Also highly recommended for credit cards or any plastic e-money cards you might want to keep handy.

G Hiby-refined-01




Please do not put it near a place with high temperatures.
Please do not leave in direct sunlight. There may be a risk of discoloration.
Please do not use volatile chemicals such as thinner or alcohol.
You can open and close with excessive force, but do not force in any card size as it may be damaged.  

-How to care-

In case of staining wash it with a neutral detergent and dry well.
There may be smell of silicone rubber specific raw materials but it will fade over time. Use it in peace.


Hiby-refined-phot pkg

mds size


mds size


mds size

Product size: W62×D13×H101mm
Packaging size: W65×D17×H104mm
Product weight: 28g
Total weight (including packaging) : 35g

mds variation

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink

mds mtral

Silicone, PP

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 54.00


mds dpro

Hiby-phot designer

Shin-ichi Sumikawa

Designer Profile:

1962: Born in Tokyo.
After graduating from Chiba University’s Department of Industrial Design, begins work at Sony. In 1992, establishes his own company, Shin’ichi Sumikawa Design.
Having visited over 57 countries, his unique designs are reflective of his open-mindedness and divergence from the conventional. Excels at designing ergonomically functional curved surfaces that effectively utilize three-dimensional CAD modeling technology.
Designs a wide array of goods ranging from bathtubs, cameras, electronic devices, cellular phones, porcelain, lacquerware, metal foundry, woodwork, medical equipment and more.
Has received various awards including the grand prize at the Toyama Design Competition.
Many of his works have been featured in the International Design Yearbook.
Is a member of the “G Mark” judging committee and holds a second-class architect's license.

Designer Comment : 

Card holders are frequently used for both personal and business matters. Yet, there are very few that are satisfactory. I’ve designed one that fits numerous cards and is at the same time simple and unique. The combination of differing materials forms an innovative lid that opens and closes in a unique way.