Kabon mds

Is it a bag? Is it a tray?  It's a bag-shaped tray with a handle! Place your favorite ditch on this tray for a more enjoyable eating experience.

This convenient product is stackable and easy to carry around.  When not in use, it can be stored by hanging on a hook.

Kabon phot 02

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Made of ABS resin which is a very durable material and resistant to temperatures of up to 80℃

Kabon color brw  Kabon color red 
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mds size


mds size


mds size

Product size : W400 × D370 × H20mm
Package size : W420 × D400 × H22mm
Product weight : 440 g
Total weight (including packaging) : 480 g

mds variation

Brown, Red, White, Yellow

mds mtral

ABS resin
Heat-resistant temperature / 80 ℃

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 78.00


mds dpro

phot tomita

Kazuhiko Tomita

Designer Profile:

Company with the motto “Creating new traditions for everyday use,” he became the Art Director of NUSSHA, an international japanware company. He is also devoted to working with traditional Japanese production areas to export products to export Japanese products worldwide. He has received several international awards such as the Frankfurt Design Plus award, which he received three times. He is currently a visiting lecturer for the department of Industrial Design at the University of Rome, and lives in Milan.

Designer Comment : 

KABON is a bag-like tray. Hold it with one hand, and it appears as though you are holding a bag. When not in use, the tray can be folded or hung on the wall as a decoration. Although you may not be able to bring it with you on a real trip, KABON is the perfect companion for when you travel around your kitchen, living room, or terrace in a vacation-like mood.