Flower Vase

This vase is a bit mysterious - it seems to make a flower grow in midair!

It's made of soft material that can be repeatedly stuck to flat surfaces like glass, mirrors or tile.

With the flowers and background combined, the flowers appear to be floating in midair, creating a very mysterious space.

Use it in the powder room or the kitchen.

Ideal for commercial spaces such as beauty salons or cafes.

Suitable for modern and space saving environment.

As it is made of a special PVC material, this vase will not crack if it falls. It it easily attached to glass surface and also easy to remove.

You can use a container or cup with a pouring spout to insert the water.

As a standard guideline, you should fill the water up to 70% of the vase.

- Attention for use -

- Do not use in a location that is exposed to direct sunlight.
- Do not use in a location that is rough or uneven.
- Before adding water, make sure that the vase can stick to your chosen location.
- To prevent air from getting it, remove any dust or dirt from the product's sticky side and the smooth surface you will be attaching it do, then ensure that all parts of the products have completely adhered to the surface.
- If you press on the product near precision equipment, etc.
- Do not leave the product on top of printed materials, etc. The ink from them can transfer to the products.

- Care & Cleaning -

- If product becomes dirty, wash with a mild detergent and let dry.
- Contact with alcohol, paint thinner, or other volatile substances may cause product.
- Do not force a brush inside the product on top of printed materials, etc.
- Do not force a brush inside the product or pull on it forcefully.

- Message from Manufacturer-

- The product may appear cloudy, but this is not a problem with the product's quality. Please use it with confidence.
- Due to the soft materials used, deformation of the product's surface may occur.


mds size


mds size


mds size

Product size : W123×D18×H123mm
Package size : W126×D19×H170mm
Product weight : 14g
Total weight (including packaging) : 36g

mds variation

Blue, Brown, Clear

mds mtral


mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 69.00


mds dpro

トド /TODO

Designer Comment : 

We designed this thinking about how relaxing it might be if a flower were floating there when you looked out of a window at the sky. Since it can't be knocked over or broken, it can also be used to decorate windows in hospital rooms, beauty salons or stores as well as your home.