Key Keeper
Silicone Key Cover

The case covers the entire key, keeping it from damaging other items in your bag or pocket. The soft silicone will give way when the key is pushed into a keyhole.  

When not in use the silicone will snap back into place, covering the key. A variety of colors allows you to easily tell one key from other.



Use the key keeper to minimize the clinking of keys if you carry more than one key and are worried about the noise a bunch of keys make.


A triangle shape marks the center of where you plug in the key. There is also an embossed pattern on one side which
allowsyou to identifythe front and back of the key.


Plug your key in as you would normally.
The soft silicone compresses as the key goes into the keyhole.
Take the key out and the silicone cover is snaps back into place.


Can be used for keys of general measurements.
Within 23mm x 62mm size.


- Notes for use -

Please do not leave in direct sunlight. There is a risk of discoloration.
Please do not use the high volatile thinner or alcohol.
Do not pull with extra force or do not force any size key into the Key Keeper as it may be damaged.


mds size

Key Keeper

mds size


mds size

Product size : W28×D65×H5.5mm
Package size : W72×D8×H132mm
Product weight : 6.4g
Total weight (including packaging) : 23g

mds variation

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow

mds mtral


mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 23.00


mds dpro

KeyKeeper-phot designer

Ryosaku Aoki

Designer Comment : 

When I used to keep in my pocket, they always ended up scratching my mobile phone or tearing in my trousers. It was due to this kind of experience that I devised the KEY KEEPER. It prevents your keys from causing damage when you're carrying them around, but still allows you to
them in the lock without having to remove them from its case. What's more, its fun to see the case bend out of the way went you use it.