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G Kotori

The shoehorn is often carelessly placed in the entrance hall or discarded on your shoe rack. The Kotori with its simple and elegant design stands out and looks great as a decoration.  

This shoehorn is made from layers of wood twisted to form a unique shape that will easily find its place in the entrance to your home.  When placed, its simple shape resembles a bird perched on a branch.

The niche in the Kotori is used to hook onto the edge of a shelf or any square corner.

The wide spatula like shape of the Kotori is designed to fit any size shoe for ease of use.


Kotori 01

Kotori 02

The timeless look of warm wood would look good in any entrance.

Kotori phot03

The +d logo engraved on the back of the Kotori.

Kotori cl teak Kotori cl whash
Kotori o3

- Notes on use -

Please refrain from placing it outdoors as the product is not waterproof.
Keep away from high-temperatures, please do not put it near fire.
Please do not use it for anything other than a shoehorn.
Because of the materials used, shape, color, grain of wood, etc. will vary slightly depending on the product.

G Kotori o1

mds size


mds size


mds size

Product size: W73×D50×H313mm
Packaging size: W75×D53×H323mm
Product weight: 62g
Total weight (includes packaging) : 118g

mds variation

White Ash, Teak

mds mtral

White Ash, Teak

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 215.00


mds dpro

Kotori phot designer

Kaichiro Yamada

1973 – Born in Kawasaki in the Kanagawa prefecture of Japan.
1997 – Graduated from Musashino Art University. Subsequently worked there as a research associate.
2004 – Founded KAICHIDESIGN, becoming active in interior product design.  Under the motif of “products that turn everyday inconvenience into convenience,” he is currently expanding his product line into international markets.

Designer Comment : 
How do you put away your shoehorn?
KOTORI will keep the entrance to your home beautiful, giving it a fresh welcoming feel you’ll surely enjoy.