Cable Holder

These cable holders are in the shape of a monkey parent and child who hang from your cables. Have fun wrapping all kinds of cables around them.


- Precuations for Use -

- Do not place it near high heat or fire.
- Do not pull the holder with excessive force. It may tear.
- Do not wind up the cable too tightly. It may snap.
- Only for headphone cables and other thin charger cables.
- Do not wrap with thick power cords such as hair dryers etc.
- Do not leave small children unattended with the cable holder.


mds size


mds size


mds size

S size
Product size : W34×D12×H71mm
Package size : W80×D16×H91mm
Product weight : 1g
Total weight (including packaging) : 12g

L size
Product size : W55×D15×H71mm
Package size : W80×D16×H91mm
Product weight : 2g
Total weight (including packaging) : 12g

mds variation

Black, Blue, White

mds mtral


mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 23.00


mds dpro

關 博旨/Hiroshi Seki

Designer Comment : 

The parent monkey is useful for wrapping mobile phone charging cables, while the child monkey is perfect for earphone cables. The monkeys are made from flexible and lightweight cushioning material for comfortable use. Let these little companions compliment your desktop or mobile device. They feature humorous, monkey-like poses.