Ninja Pin
Push Pin

These wall-friendly pins leave little trail of their presence after use. The secret is in its 'L' shaped design. In addition, the unique design  makes it easier to push the pins in.



You will be hard pressed to find any trace of the ninja-pin after it's been taken off the wall. Good for use in areas where you would like to leave as little damage as possible.


NinjaPin5-phot cl

White anf Black pins are not translucent.


Contains five Ninja Pins.

G NinjaPin15G NinjaPin5 00

mds size

Ninja Pin 5

mds size


mds size

Product size : ø7×H21mm
Package size : W105×D10×H55mm
Product weight : 1g/pc
Total weight (including packaging) : 12g

mds variation

Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, Black, White

mds mtral

Acrylic, Stainless steel

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

15pcs (RM 36.00) -50% RM 18.00
5pcs (RM 19.00) -50% RM 9.50


mds dpro

NinjaPin phot designer

Shuji Miyamoto

Designer Profile:

Graduated from the Department of Design at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1985.  Currently works in a wide range of creative genres―from creating crafts and designing household goods, to copperplate engraving―all the while specializing in landscape design of urban development.  Motto: Bring the essence of an object to life through creativity and ingenuity.

Designer Comment : 

Thumbtacks are the most common way to hang pictures, posters, or any other type of decoration on your wall…But have you ever felt reluctant to use them for the fear of ruining your clean wall with a bunch of holes? There’s no need to worry any longer! “Ninjapin” will leave your walls hole-free!