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Supplement Case

Pecon! is a pill case with a lid that doubles as a tray. It flips open or closed easily with the press of a finger. When heading out for work or play, take a Pecon! case along in your bag or pocket!

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- Attention for use -

Please use it as a carrying case for supplements.
Please do not put pills which are soluble at room temperature. Also not for storing granules or liquid.
Please do not use while driving.
Please do not place near areas of high temperature and close to fire.
Please keep out of reach of small children.
It is safe for you to put food in silicon as it is harmless, however, please do not eat.


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mds size


mds size


mds size

Product size : W54×D90×H15mm
Package size : W55×D92×H16mm
Product weight : 28g
Total weight (including packaging) : 35g

mds variation

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

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Made in China

mds price

RM 53.00


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pecon phot designer

Shin-ichi Sumikawa

Designer Profile:

1962 Born in Tokyo. 
1984 Graduated Chiba University the Faculty of Technology Industrial Design Department, Joined SONY Corporation. 
1992 Become independent and founded Shinichi Sumikawa Design Office. 
Now working mainly on the product designs which from medical equipments, bathtub, and camera to general goods.The work is recorded on INTERNATIONAL DESIGN YEARBOOK.Received Toyama Competition 95' Prize and Kawasaki Competition 96'. Design Prize for the excellent work.Working as a judge of the Good Design Award since 2002, The second class architect.

Designer Comment : 

Pecon! is a pill case with a convenient new design. Press the cover with your finger and it flips over to become a tray, alowing people even with long fingernails to pick out vitamins or pills easily. There's also no fear of losing the lid.