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An umbrella stand that is used not only for wet umbrellas but also for dry ones. As umbrellas tend to be left haphazardly in the corner, why not display them with this brightly coloured umbrella stand. It can be used for different shaped umbrellas and looks very attractive.

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Don't let it's small size fool you there is plenty of storage in its compact frame. As long as your umbrella has a fine tip, it is possible to place more umbrellas in the outer recessed areas of the Splash. Can hold up to 6-12 umbrellas at a time.

The shape of water splashing out of a puddle on a rainy day inspired the design of this umbrella stand. It will make even the dreariest of rainy days fun. 7 bright colours to choose from.

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mds size


mds size


mds size

Product size : W157×D142×H96mm
Package size : W160×D150×H105mm
Product weight : 1.3kg
Total weight (including packaging) : 1.38kg

mds variation

Brown, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Off-white, Yellow

mds mtral

Synthetic Rubber

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 172.00


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SplashMini-phot designer

Yasuhiro Asano

Designer Profile:

Established Asano Design Studio on 1979. Activities domein are products, furtiture, interior and graphic design. Products planning and packaging. Design consulting and exhibition hall composition. Received many awards durling those activities. Mongolian's housing gel was carried into the office for the meeting room, and fusion of primitive design and high-tech design is explored.

Designer Comment : 

Umbrella stands aren't just for wet umbrellas – we tend to leave our dry umbrellas in them as well. So I set out to make an umbrella stand that would keep umbrellas neatly in order, be compatible with many kinds of umbrellas, and be beautiful without taking up a lot of space. With this stand, you can even put the dry umbrellas on the outside and the wet ones on the inside.