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Splash Square
Umbrella Stand

A compact and cube-shaped umbrella stand.

The compact cube design allows you to store your umbrellas in a minimal amount of space and accommodates folding umbrellas as well. It can hold up to 9 standard-sized umbrellas or 6 including one folding umbrellas. This classy umbrella stand can become a lovely objet d'art that blends right into the interior design of your home.

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Holds up to 9 standard umbrellas.

splashsq phot07Also holds up to 6 (5 standard & 1 folding umbrella)

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- Handling Precautions -

- Avoid placing under direct sunlight. Fading of color and cracks may occur if exposed under sunlight for long period of time.
- Do not place near places of high temperature or fire.
- Do not apply gasoline, thinner etc on the product.

- How to care -

- Please wipe with a cloth moistened with water.
- Avoid using cleaning detergents as it may cause quality deterioration and discoloration.


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mds size

Splash Square

mds size


mds size

Product size : W100×D100×H100mm
Packaging size : W102×D102×H102mm
Product weight : 1.2kg
Total weight (including packaging) : 1.35kg

mds variation

Blue, Black, Brown, Yellow, White

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Synthetic Rubber

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Made in Japan

mds price

RM 215.00


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Yasuhiro Asano


Designer Comment : 

In addition to the organic splash shape already available, we now offer a stylish square stand measuring 10 cm per side. It features square holes with rounded corners designed to hold your umbrellas snugly and securely. We hope you'll give it a whirl!