Tag Cup
Cup with Silicone Sleeve

Because of its silicone sleeve, the Tag Cup gives you a firm grip when held. When with a hot drink or soup, the sleeve will protect your hands from the heat.  

The silicone sleeve protects the cups, allowing you to stack them without worrying about damage. They can also be used for soups, snacks, fruits, and other side-dishes, making them perfect for parties or other events.



The silicone sleeve protects the cups, allowing you to stack them without worrying about damage. 


A cute tag is attached to the silicone.


 The silicone is easily removable making it easy to clean.

Available colors: avocado, tomato, cafe au lait, mustard.  

Also available, Wrap Bowls. Bowls with the same color set as the Tag Cup.

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mds size

Tag Cup

mds size


mds size

Product size : ø100×H85mm
Package size : W105×D105×H92mm
Product weight : 205g
Total weight (including packaging) : 259g 
Capacity: 350ml

mds variation

Cafe Au Lait, Avocado, Mustard, Tomato

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mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 57.00


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TagCup-phot designer

Kanaé Tsukamoto

Designer Profile:

Her approach is : "Designing from the tabletop to the surroundings."Designed the tableware, the lighting, the furniture, the household electric appliances, the Cosmetic Package, the Interior design and the sales promotion strategy. Got the Royal Society of encouragement of Arts first prize.

Designer Comment : 

“Historically, Japanese people have used all of their senses when eating. They would feel the material that a container was made of, test how hot it was, and enjoy its appearance as well. This cup is a modern expression of that sensibility. A piece of colorful silicone has been added to the cup, as if it were wearing clothes. Depending on what color 'clothes' the cup is wearing, you can tell whose cup it is.”