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Tape + Tape
Tape Cutter

An integrated use for frequently used tapes like scotch tapes and masking tapes. The shape is perfectly designed for smooth tape cutting.


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It was born from the idea that masking tape and cellophane tape
could be used at the same time. Two tapes can be used with
one blade, depending on the combination.

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There is a dent for easy holding when cutting the tape. It is easy to cut giving the optimum angle to the blade part.

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Cellophane tape + masking tape, masking + masking, or set the
same tape spare, or in any combination

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Set your favorite masking tape to add some cute decorations. It is also recommended to change the combination of the body color and the tape to suit your mood.

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Also, you can combine several designs to make an original biker.

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mds size

Tape + Tape

mds size


mds size

Product size : W79×D26×H64mm
Package size : W100×D23×H120mm
Product weight : 25g
Total weight (including packaging) : 35g

mds variation

White, Black, Yellow, Pink, Green

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mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 26.00


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phot designer

Koji Uno

Designer Profile:

Born in Osaka. After graduating from Osaka Institute of Technology, Department of Electronic Engineering, he engaged in research and development of bicycle parts at Shimano Co., Ltd. After that, as a freelancer, he mainly worked in robotics related research institutes, universities, companies. I keep new ideas and designs in mind that blends together.

Designer Comment : 

I thought that I was able to get rid of the various types of tapes placed on the table when they are combined into a compact, so I designed this. As the product's tips touch often, I am particular about smooth molding.