The Story Behind The Bookmark

A pure white bookmark that seems as though it came straight
from what you're reading. A secret key that connects the reader
to the fantasy world. A surreal experience every time you read
a book.



a lonely mermaid
Help save the lonely mermaid from her life of solitude.


a silly goose
The silly goose has got it's head caught within the pages of your book!


a word thief
The extremely famous master thief! He only steals books though.


The story (in Japanaese) is printed on each bookmark. An English translation is provided at the back of each packaging.

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mds size

The Story Behind The Bookmark

mds size


mds size

Product size : W25×D3×H152mm
Package size : W45×D4×H190mm
Product weight : 4g
Total weight (including packaging) : 7g

mds variation

a silly goose, a lonely mermaid, a word thief 

mds mtral


mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 24.00


mds dpro

StoryBehindBookM-phot designer

Yuko Tokuda & Yumiko Komiya

Designer Profile:

Yuko Tokuda

Graduated from Musashino Art University Received graduate degree from the University of Art and Design Helsinki Currently designs packages and products for SUN-AD Company Ltd., and is also a member of the "ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS" line within the company.

Yumiko Komiya

Graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Information at Keio University Was transferred to SUN-AD Company Ltd. after working as a copywriter in the PR department of Suntory Ltd.  Currently works on copywriting, naming, and branding.  Member of the Tokyo Copywriters Club.

Designer Comment : 

A bookmark and its story, which are reminiscent of foreign picture books of the past; scary and unreal, yet fascinating all at the same time. The action of the bookmark being sandwiched between the pages of a book tells a story in itself. It is a bookmark that is caught between the real world and a fictional world.