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Tsun Tsun
Soap Dish

Tsun Tsun is a stylish soap holder with fine, sturdy tips to keep bars of soap nice and dry so they don't get slimy or gooey.

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Because the soap is kept dry and secure on Tsun Tsun's flexible supports, you can pick the soap up easily, without it sliding around. Tsun Tsun is perfect for cosmetic soaps, which last longer if dried quickly after use.

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The base of the Tsun Tsun was designed as a prism shape for easy drainage.

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It is not only a soap dish but can also be used as a key or accessories tray. You can also place business cards or letters in between the flexible projections to keep them in view.

tsun color WC

Clear Water

tsun color OGRN

Ocean Green

tsun color CG

Cloud Gray
tsun color s or

Sunset Orange
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mds size

Tsun Tsun

mds size


mds size

Product size : W105×D105×H45mm
Package size : W117×D117×H50mm
Product weight : 136g
Total weight (including packaging) : 178g

mds variation

Clear Water, Cloud Gray, Green Ocean, Orange Sun

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mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 46.00


mds dpro

phot designer

Miyagi Takeshi Taro & Takahashi Mealey

Designer Profile:

Miyagi Takeshi Taro

Miyagi design office representative. I keep design for a comfortable space in mind, I design items to suit the everyday.

Takahashi Mealey

Freelance designer.  Domus Academy graduate.  I make use of the life experience gained during my design residency in Milan.

Designer Comment : 

Tsun tsun's soft aquatic tones will give your bathroom's sink a cool, relaxed feel or help brighten up your kitchen. But Tsun Tsun is not limited to just soap. Set it on your desk and try storing things like keys or pens on it. And remember - though Tsun Tsun's "spikes" look sharp, they are acctually quite soft and flexible.