This fun little tube-shaped doorstop, though small, holds doors firmly in place. When you're not using it, just set it upright and it's out of the way.

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Choose from an array of colors designed to match a variety of interior designs.

Can be used for doors with a clearance of 5 ~ 30mm.  

Toyama Design Competition Commercialization Award 2003


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mds size

Tube Doorstopper

mds size


mds size

Product size : W55×D34×H150mm
Package size : W110×D34×H150mm
Product weight : 82g
Total weight (including packaging) : 85g

mds variation

Black, Carrot, Green Tea, Mint, Mustard

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Made in Japan

mds price

RM 26.00


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TubeDoors-refined-phot designer

Tetsuo Shibuya

Designer Profile:

Born in Saitama Prefecture, 1974. Currently working as a freelance designer, with a focus on sales promotion related works and household goods. I gradually became more and more fascinated by the appeal of various everyday products until I finally decided to pursue a wider range of design. Right after that, I met up with h-concept.

Designer Comment : 

Relaxing holiday a cool breeze sneaks into the room through the window, causing a door to slam shut. I noticed the tube of paint in front of me somehow resembled the shape of a doorstop, so I wedged it between the door and the floor... It's the things we see in our everyday lives. Looking at them from a slightly different angle can reveal practical uses we never thought of before. I encourage all of you to check around the house for these things, too. You just might discover something new!