Animal Stool

The wooden legs of the Animal Stools are finished carefully one by one with a furry cushion seat and tail that adds a unique accent to an interior space.

It is ideal for sitting while you take off your shoes by the front door, as an ottoman near the sofa, or as a pet stool for children. You are immediately greeted by a cute object upon returning home. The cushions come in different finishes (Wolf mixed gray L & S size, Wolf brown L & S size) and (Fox gray S size, fox white S size). The furs are made of senthetic material.

Use it to wear your shoes by the entrance door.

Use it as an ottoman.

4 types of furs for a different touch.

S & L size.


H-001-L: Wolf Gray Mix (L size) : RM 1,950.00

H-001-S: Wolf Gray Mix (S size) : RM 1,690.00

H-002-L: Coyote Brown (L size) : RM 1,950.00

H-002-S: Coyote Brown (S size) : RM 1,690.00

H-003-S: Fox Gray (S size) : RM 1,550.00

H-004-S: Fox White (S size) : RM 1,450.00


Located at the famous furniture production area called Asahikawa in Hokkaido, Takumi emphasizes strongly on the concept of "Natural + Craftsmanship" where quality as well as the originality and hand-made taste of their furnitures are treated as their main priority rather than mass productivity, cleverly using textures which only trees have through their high quality production line.

Animal Stool


Product size :
S size - W290×D360×H330mmm
L size - W340×D420×H460mm

Package size :
S size - W300×D370×H340mmm
L size - W350×D430×H470mm

Product weight :
S size - 2.4kg
L size - 3.7kg

Total weight :
S size - 3.2kg
L size - 4.7kg

Wolf Gray Mix (L & S size),
Coyote Brown (L & S size).
Fox Gray (S size)
Fox White (S size)

Body: White Ash wood
Seat: Urethane foam
Synthetic fur: Acrylic, polyester

Made in Japan (Hokkaido)

RM 1450.00 - RM 1950.00

Discount 40% for display unit only :
Wolf S
(RM 1690.00) -40% RM 1014.00
Wolf L
(RM1950.00) -40% RM 1170.00