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Mushroom Table

Made using the same ash wood to match the Mushroom Stools.
The table is of 850mm height.

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A trademark of Takumi craft is engraved below the table top.

Its slim and sturdy legs fits any interior perfectly. Use it to chat, read or while you're having tea, making everyday a little more fun. Using it with the Mushroom Stools creates a charming little space, such as small cafes and shops.

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Combined with the Mushroom Stools, the slanting legs coordinates beautifully in the interior space.


Located at the famous furniture production area called Asahikawa in Hokkaido, Takumi emphasizes strongly on the concept of "Natural + Craftsmanship" where quality as well as the originality and hand-made taste of their furnitures are treated as their main priority rather than mass productivity, cleverly using textures which only trees have through their high quality production line.

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Mushroom Table

mds size


mds size

Product size:W500×D500×H850mm
Package size:W520×D105×H890mm
Product Weight:6kg
Total weight:7.7kg

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White Ash

mds mtral

Base: White Ash wood
Top: Birch plywood
Coating: Urethane finish

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Made in Japan (Hokkaido)

mds price

RM 2330.00