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Yes, we ship overseas! However, using the current system’s shipping calculator for other countries may not produce the best shipping options. Hence, we feel it’s best that we process your order enquiries via email. That way, we will be able to advise on the cheapest and fastest shipping method to you :)

Please refer to the easy instructions below:

Fill in the Enquiry Form below or email us the list of items you would like to purchase to

Remember to indicate your preferred colour and quantity.

If the specific item or colour is not available, we will advise you as with the next available options.

Do state your Name, Billing & Shipping Address, and Email for PayPal payment.

Once the items and delivery cost are confirmed, we will proceed to send a PayPal invoice to your email. (If you have a specific PayPal email address, please use that one instead).

If the stock for your order is available, we will calculate total weight based on your package and provide you with the best delivery option based on shortest duration and lowest cost.

After the payment is confirmed, we will proceed with packing and ship out within 1-2 working days. It's that simple. :)

International Shipping Enquiry

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you soon!

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