The Mie prefecture in Japan has always been home to many famous Ceramic manufacturers. In 2005 four of these manufacturers, specialized in Bankoyaki Ceramics, decided to join forces and establish a new company called 4th-market. 4th-market takes it’s name from the city of Yokkaichi where it is located. Yokkaichi means “market on the fourth day”. Bankoyaki ceramic is on of the most important local industries in Yokkaichi city.


The main focus of Japanese “Bankoyaki” artisans is to create beautiful and practical pottery suitable for day to day use. Resulting in products with a perfect shape. And as time passes by, the daily use of these ceramics will make them more beautiful.

Bankoyaki ceramics are well known all over Japan. The nabe pan for example, with it’s unique heat resistance, covers 80~90 % of the complete Japanese market share. Also the well known traditional Japanese teapot (Kyusu) is a Bankoyaki product!


Bankoyaki dates back to the 18 century Edo period. The famous Tokaido trade route between Edo (modern day Tokyo) and Kyoto brought prosperity to the region, encouraging local potteries to start producing more ceramics. At the end of the 19th century local manufacturers started to perfection their production techniques for world wide trading. This was the start and build of Japan’s famous name in ceramics all over the world. Till the end of the 20th century the export of ceramics was one of the most important businesses in the Mie prefecture.


All four manufacturers that formed 4th-market have their own unique specialism. While some of them are already more than a hundred years old, all of them have at least half a century experience in creating ceramics. All 4th-market products are hand made. All ceramic molds are created and maintained by highly experienced artisans.


4th-market combines all this expertise and uses it to design beautiful, harmonious and modern lines of table and kitchenware.


RM245.00 Regular Price
RM122.50Sale Price
  • Product Information

    TETERA Tea Pot
    Product size : W155 x D120 x H190mm (780cc)
    Packaging size : W190 x D140 x H220mm
    Product weight : 599g 
    Total weight : 700g


    TETERA Tea Cup
    Product size :Φ70×H190mm
    Packaging size : W85 x D85x H85mm
    Product weigh t: 323g
    Total weight : 430g


    TiSH Tea Pot
    Product size : W125 x D170 x H80mm (500cc)
    Packaging size : W170 x H180x D125mm
    Product weight : 637g 
    Total weight : 740g


    Material : Ceramics


    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of Use

    • Please install the product carefully to prevent any scratch to the door/floor.
    • Carefully sandwich your finger when installing/removing. Please be careful not to hit your eyes on the metal fittings.
    • Please be sure not to overload the product as there is a danger that the door may be distorted.
    • Please make sure not to tighten the belt with excessive force as the metal fitting may be distorted or you may scratch the door.
    • Please do not put valuable items that may be damaged by falling.
    • For long periods of use, the belt may be loosen. Please tighten the belt again before reuse.
    • Please keep away from fire/heat.
    • Please keep away from small children.