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Akanbe Room Basket

A basket made of felt with a cute face as a handle. Use it as a room basket to store toys or magazines. It's sturdier than it looks. 

Fold it out to use as a play mat. The handle is made to look like a happy face and as you carry it around it looks like it is sticking out its tongue at you. Bring a little fun and sense of joy into your room with Akanbe.

Bring it outside too for a great day out!


Akanbe Room Basket

SKU: D-340
RM230.00 Regular Price
RM92.00Sale Price
Colour: Pink
  • Product Information

    Mat size (unfolded) : W1050 × D1000 × H3mm 

    Flat : W430 × D38 × H410mm 
    In use : W430 × D230 × H410mm 
    Weight : 370g


    Material :

    Felt (80% of polyester, rayon 20%), 
    Face (handle): styrene elastomer


    Made in Japan

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