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Animal Rubberband Wide

Silicone Rubber Band


Introducing wide versions of our Animal Rubber Bands!

They’re even sturdier than the originals and can now stand on their own! 

- Use them to bundle papers together or to keep a lunch box securely closed. You can even stack them like building blocks or balance them like a house of cards.

- Use it to wrap leftover candies or snacks.The rubber bands are made of a special Japanese made silicone rubber that is durable, safe and secure.

- They are also cute as displays! Even as a toy!

Animal Rubberband Wide

SKU: D-950
RM32.00 Regular Price
RM12.80Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size : W31~50×D7×H27~50mm
    Package size : W100×D7.5×H135mm
    Product weight :19g
    Total weight (including packaging) : 20g


    Material : Silicone


    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of Use

    • Once in a while, you can let the animals rest after a hard day's work.
    • Don't overstretch them as they will snap!
    • Durable even in -40 degrees Celcius.
    • Even withstands up to 190 degrees Celcius!
    • They are 2-3 times stronger and goes back to its original shape even when twisted.
    • Get a full collection and play together!
    • Always puts a smile on the face when opened as a gift!
    • No problem cramping together in a bag.
    • They are your friends so don't eat them!

    (The silicone is safe to the body if accidentally swallowed and will be passed out. However, as a safety measure, please consult your doctor if such incidents occur).

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