Bath Mat Light

Let your feet enjoy the feel of natural soil.


Made of diatomaceous earth, this natural material highly absorbs moisture from the soles of your feet. It will naturally dry itself over time!

Absorbs moisture quickly from your feet upon stepping.

he strength of the mat is improved by mixing diatomaceous earth with pulp fiber. This makes the mat more durable and cannot be broken easily

Bath Mat Light is only 9.5mm thick and weighs only 1.8kg
It is easy to handle as it can be carried in one hand.

Bath Mat Light

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  • Product information

    Product size:425×575×H9.5mm
    Package size:N/A
    Product Weight:1800g
    Total weight:N/A


    Material :

    WHITE: Akita diatomaceous earth
    PINK: Ishikawa Prefecture diatomaceous earth
    GREEN: Akita diatomaceous earth + Ishikawa Prefecture Asagi soil


    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of use

    • You may notice a bit of powder on the surface however, this is not a problem with the quality. Due to the nature of the material, the powder is expected.
    • Do not place inside the shower area. Place it only on the dry area outside the shower.
    • Do not immerse in water as it will absorb too much water leading to deterioration of the material.
    • Always place in well ventilated places. (Do not sun dry and it will cause cracks).
    • Avoid heated florring.
    • When not in use, please store in a dry place.
  • Care & Cleaning

    • Do not use it with detergents.
    • If the abosorption rate dropped over time, use a thin, fine sandpaper and gently brush off the oily surface.