BEW Table Rack

BEW Table Rack


A rack that easily stores newspapers, magazines, folders and documents under the table. Constantly used documents are easily accessible while maintaining the cleanliness of the desk or table top. It can be placed on the table and easily carried around too!


Ideal for offices, retail spaces, restaurants and bar counter tops.

BEW Table Rack

  • Product Information

    Product size:W94×D310×H348mm


    Material : 

    Wire (iron coated with melamine paint), silicone rubber.


    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of Use

    • Please sit within the center of the stool. Sitting by the edges may be unstable, resulting in injury.
    • Do not tilt the stool while seated as it may slide and cause damage or injury.
    • Please do not stand on the stool or for other purposes besides its intended usage.
    • Do not put it near open fire.
    • Avoid leaving detergents or acidic agents directly in contact with the stool.
    • Do not scrub the surface of the stool as it may remove the original coating.
    • Do not store boiling water.
    • Load capacity up to 100kg.