body wash towel

Body wash towel

by h tag


Feels so nice!

Soft and smooth soaping up.

A body wash towel for luxurious lathering.


For those who seek lather; those with sensitive skin; those who seek softness; and those who seek firmness.


Experience the best foam. By creating space between the fibers with plenty of air, we made it as if you were washing with only the foam. You can also savor more of your precious body wash. With its unique fiber composition, you can enjoy both fluffy tenderness and slightly rough texture for a refreshing bath experience. Identify the towels by tag and stitch colour (white or gray). Dries well and hygienic.

body wash towel

  • Product Information

    Product size : Approximately W700 x D5 x H220 mm

    Product Weight: About 60g

    Material: Polyester, nylon

    Made in Japan