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Boots Keeper Cell

Boots Keeper Cell


Boots tend to be filled with sweat or moisture. Hence, the unpleasant smell usually becomes a concern. The humidity control from the power of charcoals will keep the boots deodorized. You'll be sure to wear them again with comfort and while it is stuffed, your boots can be kept in shape. To prevent the boots from falling, just tie the two pieces together on the top with the provided ribbon.

Boots Keeper Cell

SKU: J-030222
RM72.00 Regular Price
RM28.80Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Boots Keeper Cell

    Product size:Foot 150mm × 330mm Leg
    Trunk Circumference: 170mm
    Package size:W150×D480×H60mm
    Product Weight:450g
    Total weight:455g


    Boots Keeper Cell Very Short

    Product size:Foot 160mm × 200mm Leg
    Trunk Circumference: 220mm
    Package size:W160×D360×H70mm
    Product Weight:340g
    Total weight:345g


    Material :

    Charcoal, non-woven fabric, caulking (nickel), PP sheet, polyester


    Made in Japan (Toyama)

  • Material information

    The eco-friendly charcoal made using recycled materials such as driftwood.

    The high-temperature carbonized charcoals are recycled from raw materials such as driftwood from collapsed dams caused during typhoon and storms and wood from demolished houses. Rather than throwing the wood away, they are remanufactured and recycled with the objective of preserving the environment.

  • Sumi Kusa Hana by IOTC

    The deodorizing and dehumidifying properties of charcoal are well known. But it took a tie-up between a Tokyo design team, h concept and Toyama prefecture-based IOTC to make charcoal fashionable! Their “Sumi Kusa Hana” line of odor and moisture-fighting products, available in a range of sizes and uses, almost look too good to be called deodorizers.

    Each has an attractive non-woven fabric covering with various decorations and motifs. And IOTC’s products are not just beautiful to look at, they are good for the environment as well. The company produces their own charcoal using driftwood collected from Toyama area dams and discarded wood from demolished homes.

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