Caomaru Fruits

Stress Ball

Down on your luck? Feeling the walls close in? Cast your worries aside. The CAOMARU series has been helping people all over the world trade stress for sweet relief with an indescribably soothing signature sensation - just grab one, you won't let go. Now comes in three fruity variants!


Strawberry, the bratty smart Alec.

Orange, the curious adventurer.

Grapes, the unflappable free spirit.

Caomaru Fruits

  • Product Information


    Product size : W63×D66×H68mm

    Package size : W56×D60×H63mm

    Product weight : Appx. 100g

    Total weight (including packaging) : Appx. 107g



    Product size : W60×D62×H72mm

    Package size : W56×D60×H63mm

    Product weight : Appx. 100g

    Total weight (including packaging) : Appx. 107g



    Product size : W60×D60×H71mm

    Package size : W56×D60×H63mm

    Product weight : Appx. 100g

    Total weight (including packaging) : Appx. 107g


    Material : Elastomer



    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of use

    • The material and surface powder on the Caomaru is non-toxic but please do not put in mouth.
    • To clean, please pat gently with a damp towel. Once done, apply a little baby powder on surface of the caomaru and it will be good as new. 
    • Please do not place the Caomaru on printed documents as the ink may transfer. 
    • Please avoid placing the Caomaru in direct sunlight or near high-heat areas. 
    • Please keep away from young children. 
    • As these faces are made by hand each individual Caomaru may vary slightly in appearance such as air bubbles, surface texture etc. 
    • Please do not pull at protruding parts such as nose and lips as these may break off. 
    • In order to lessen the original stickiness of the material, a white powder is applied to each Caomaru. Do not be concerned if you see some residue as it is safe and non-toxic. 

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