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Card Stand


This card stand makes it appear as if a paper clip is growing right out of a picture. Cut from a single sheet of metal, the positive shape of the standing paper clip and the negative of the paper clip-shaped hole it left behind contrast nicely with one another.

Even when it is not holding an object the silhouette of the Clipico stands out. Looks great as a unique decoration on your desk.


SKU: D-560
RM23.00 Regular Price
RM9.20Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size : W65 × D0.25 × H65mm
    Product weight : 8g


    Material : Stainless Steel (Baked Finish)


    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of Use

    • There is a risk of damage or paint peeling if it is bent too many times. 
    • Please put it out of reach of small children.  It may rust due to storage situations and humidity of surroundings. 
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