Cutting mat S

Cutting Mat S by h tag


Satisfying feel!

For comfortable cutting. Thin, but stable.

A cutting mat you can extend to double the size!


The cutting mat was created from a desire to solve the complaints oiled regarding wooden and plastic cutting boards, and made possible with our unique production techniques.


Since it is foldable and opened, both inside and outside can be used for cutting.

You can use a different side for different types of ingredients without having to wash the board overtime.

Use it to cut large or rolling ingredients without stress.


Stands independently

It will stand on its own and dry. Very hygienic and antimicrobial. When folded, it is only 6mm thin so you don't have to worry about storage problems.


Due to the special three-layer structure used in the manufacturing, even though it is only 3mm thin, it has a good blade contact and does not warp easily.


When transferring ingredients to a frying pan, you can fold, carry and pour easily without spilling.


When folded, it also becomes and simple an compact serving mat that also allows you to cut on the table if need to!


With the limited kitchen space, you can use either half or full size according to your needs. The fold is repeatedly tested to prevent from breaking. When opened, the surface does not have grooves so you can use it in its full flat state.

Cutting mat S

SKU: DH-010-S
  • Product Information

    Product size : W200 x D6 x H300mm (closed) / W400 x D3 x H300mm (open) 

    Weight: 350g

    Materials: Polypropylene, Elastomer

    Temperature limit: 100C

    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of Use

    - Take care not to trap fingers when folding the cutting mat.

    - Refrain from using the cutting mat on an uneven surface.

    - Avoid contact with flames or other places of high temperature.

    - Do not place hot pans or other items on the mat.

    - If using on a stainless steel surface, place a wet cloth under the mat to prevent slipping.

  • Care & Cleaning

    - Wash well with a sponge and neutral detergent before first use.

    - Clean with a sponge and neutral detergent after use, then wipe dry and store in a well-ventilated storage space.

    - Not suitable for boiling sterilization.

    - The product can be sterilized with hoot water. Pour hot water over both sides of the cutting mat to prevent warping.

    - The product can be washed with bleach.

    - Do not use hard scrubbers or abrasives as they may damage the surface.

    - When cleaning in a dishwasher or drying in a dish dryer, make sure to spread the mat out to its full size.