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Dapper is a slim and convenient broom and dustpan set. Its compact size won't clutter the entrance and the room of your home and its simple and neat design will blend well with the interior. The broom can get into tough corners.


After sweeping the garbage together, simply tilt the pan on the ground and sweep in the garbage with ease.


SKU: CL-665-400
RM150.00 Regular Price
RM60.00Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size:W144×D48×H620mm
    Package size:W144×D48×H645mm
    Product weight:305g
    Total weight:340g


    Material : ABS, Polyester, Stainless steel


    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of Use

    • When not in use, keep it set to the dustpan stand. Avoid the habit of standing the broom on the brush.
    • Please place Dapper on a flat surface.
    • Do not use it for other applications other than cleaning.
    • Please do not swing.
    • Do not dismantle the product.
    • Do not step on the product.
    • Please do not expose to flame.
    • Please do not store at a place that is exposed to direct sunlight or high temperature.
  • How to Use

    • The groove on both sides of the dustpan enables you to set the broom to face the direction of your choice.
    • The handle moves freely in 180 degrees to sweep up dust from difficult places.
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