ENOTS Minimal Chair

ENOTS Minimal Chair

Use freely.
It's a compact and light weight minimalistic chair.

Minimal Chair is a plastic chair that's small and sits firmly.
As it is light, it is easy to move around.
In addition, it stackable hence it does not take up a lot of storage space.



The seat is of reasonable height with a slight curve on the back, making it very comfortable to sit eventhough the size is small. It is not tiring even after sitting for a long time.

You can carry it comfortably in one hand since it is light and compact. (2.1kg)

The height of the seat is easy to sit on (about 40cm).
Like the living space in Japan, whether it's the living room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway, it will keep any place clean and neat.

It is stackable up to 8 chairs. When not in use, it takes up very little storage space.
Even when in use, it also does not take up space.

An ideal chair for parties for numerous guests.

ENOTS Minimal Chair

RM430.00 Regular Price
RM215.00Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size:W360×D330×H560mm


    Material :

    Body / polypropylene and glass fiber
    Leg cap / polyethylene


    Made in Japan