Furoshiki Bag 2 - Shoulder (L)


Spacious enough to carry clothes or other bulky items. Comfortable to carry around as it slings over your shoulder which makes carrying it around easy. Recommended for everyday use.


It is very handy as a carry on bag or as an extra foldable bag in your lugguage.

No need to bring extra lugguage, just fold it up and bring it along with you for your next business trip or holiday.


The furoshiki bag comes in a variety of colour combinations. A bag that is convenient for use anywhere. 

Furoshiki Bag 2 - Shoulder (L)

RM130.00 Regular Price
RM65.00Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size : W1000×D1000mm

    Package size : W150×D45×H185mm

    Product weight : 170g

    Total Weight (including package) : 185g


    Material : Polyester, Magnet


    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of Use

    • Magnet could be affected by the magnetic force of electronic items. Please do not bring in close contact to (magnetic card, mobile phone, watch, etc.).
    • Please Do not leave wet for extended periods of time to avoid rusting.
    • Keep magnets away from extremely high heat.
  • Care & Cleaning

    • Dry cleaning is recommended.
    • Dab lightly with soft spunge to remove dirt and grime.
    • When ironing the furoshiki, keep iron on low heat and try to avoid the magnet area.