GEM Bath Mat Standard

Made with diatomaceous earth and vermiculite, two of the combined materials for even better water absorption.


A new design called the GEM bath mat series. This size is 650 x 425mm, made for ease of use that fits in front of the bathroom door without splashing water on the dry floor.


Compared to the soil bath mat light, the eidth is 2.2cm larger and the length is about 1.2cm more compact. As bath mat light has a gray tone, GEM series has a gentle white hue that shines in the bathroom.


soil GEM series has a unique material formulation that complicates the porous structure (large and small holes that are invisible to the eye) and absorbs water more quickly. When the moisture is absorbed, you can feel the smooth and refreshing surface on the soles of your feet.


The signature dented line in the center increases the water absorption surface. Under close inspection, you can see tiny fragments of crystal minerals that are glittering.


Given its lightweight (only 2.6kg), anyone can easily carry it around. For faster drying, you can air it in a shaded area.

GEM Bath Mat Standard

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  • Product information

    Product size: W650 x D425 x H9.5 mm

    Product weight: Approx. 2.6 kg

    Load capacity: Approx. 130kg


    Material: Diatomaceous earth from Akita prefecture + vermiculite  + pulp fiber


    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of use

    • A small amount of powder will come off due to the characteristics of the material however, this is natural, so there is no problem in terms of quality and does not affect the performance of the bath mat.
    • The side with the logo is the surface.
    • Please do not bring it into the bathroom.
    • Do not soak it in water for a long time as it will deteriorate the material.
    • Occasionally dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place (avoid sun-drying as it may cause sudden cracks or warp due to sudden change in temperature)
    • Please avoid using it for floor heating as it may cause it to warp.
    • After use, dry it well before storing.
    • Place it only on flat surfaces. Do not place it on long-haired carpets or mats, soft flooring such as cushion floors, or in places with steps.
  • Care & Cleaning

    • Over time, surfactants (contained in shampoo, etc.) contained in human sebum, bathroom floor water, and mere stains clog the porous holes in diatomaceous earth and reduce water absorption. Do not sand unnecessarily as each time it removes a thin layer from the surface and gradually the mat becomes thinner.
    • If you rub the surface of the bath mat with fine sandpaper to some extent to create a new water absorption surface, the water absorption capacity will be restored.
    • Please avoid using detergents containing surfactants as it may cause clogging of the porus.
    • Although it depends on the frequency of use, the standard usage period is about 2 years. It can last longer if well cared for. 
    • Since it is thin, it will crack if exposed to direct sunlight and dried, causing "warping". If you really want to dry it, use "shade drying".